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Bulk SMS Promotions

Bulk SMS Promotions designed for the sole purpose of promoting your services and products. Of course, the larger objective is to help you connect with that of your clients and potential customers, thus by increasing your reach and potential. Bulk SMS Promotions can be quite beneficial to small companies to invest in a reputed and seasoned consultant to perform all their text message advertising to market effectively to your client base.

SMS Marketing evolves in every industry. Almost every businessman starts using SMS marketing to grow their business in the market among the customers. We are providing wide range of technically high end Bulk SMS Services in India. SMS Marketing Service helps you to promote or inform clients or individuals. With increase in use of cell phones across the country and globe companies are realizing the potential in Bulk SMS Solutions.

Our success ratio is quite high and this why we comfortably manage of retaining our maximum clients during the renewal of their packages. You must not delay in approaching us if you intend of getting enticing commercial benefits.

Our company understands needs of a particular business undertakings and the area in which it is running. It exactly knows how to adapt and grasp the nature of clients. Our technicians help clients in promoting the products effectively. In addition we work with a enormous concept , i.e, B2C relationship. We know how to offer a high-quality platform to them belong to any region or state in India.

Bulk SMS comprises the practice of sending text messages to multiple recipients simultaneously. In the current scenario, when the concept of time is increasingly becoming a premium asset, retailers need to emphasize on speed in order to enable their marketing campaigns reap good benefits.

Facts and Figures

We ceaselessly work towards offering Excellent, Comprehensive, Affordable and State-of-the-art Business Telephony Solutions catering to unique needs of diverse businesses and professionals.

1000 + Clients Served

99% + Delivery Accuracy

5 yrs + Industry Experience

4 + Operator Backup

100 Billion + SMS Delivered

100 Million + Database for Targeted Campaigns

Features Advantage


Validity Unlimited

Sender ID as per Plans (Like: AM-STKING, AM-001234, 99910xxxxx)

100% DND Filtered

100% DND Refund in All Routes

100% Live Delivery

100% Responsive Web Panel

SMS Sending Time: 9 AM - 9 PM (IST)

Delivery Time: Instant or as per traffic

4 SMS Type Support : Text, Flash, Unicode, Unicode with Flash

Hindi, English and 10 Other Regional Language Support

Phone Book / Group Option

SMS Scheduling

Excel Upload (.csv)

HTTP,XML, Bulk API (Post and Get Both)

Customized/Personalize/Dynamic SMS Feature

Instant Activation

Free Demo Account

Free Lifetime Support


SMS Open report

Operator / Circle wise Report

OS (Android / iOS) Report

Location / City wise Report

IP Address Report

Pin Code Report

Country wise Report

Browser wise Report

ISP Report

Latitude and Longitude Report

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