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Social Media Marketing

Have you leverage your social media for your business? Is your social presence appealing for users online?

Empower your business through social media expertise! We have the answer to all your questions. Being one of the most creative social media agency, Digital Media Solution houses an expert team of social media consultants with high-level experience of working with clients from diverse fields. Utilizing years of knowledge and experience, a proper result-oriented social media marketing plan is devised that guarantees increased brand awareness, traffic, conversion and sales.

What is Social Media Marketing Service?

Social Media Marketing or SMM is a part of Digital Marketing in which we create and share content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube in order to achieve internet marketing and branding goals like brand building, sales improvement, and increase in website traffic. Social media services include social media presence development, content calendar development, social media analytics & reporting, paid social media marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Steps and Process

Social media marketing service is generally deployed in a series of steps that are crucial for a successful social media campaign. It is required to choose the right social media platform and communicate with the right kind of content, to get maximum results with your social efforts as every platform has a different set of audience.

Social Media Goal Planning

Social media is often underestimated to be a platform just to share content but actually, it can generate real leads. This requires a systematic social media goal planning where we define the metrics that we look forward to achieving from social media. These metrics can be traffic, clicks, shares or inquiries.

Social Media Presence

After social media planning, we develop social media profiles on various platforms as per the business requirements. We optimize the profiles with details, keywords to increase the searchability of your brand in social media.

Social Content Calendar

Any Social media agency develops a weekly or monthly Social Content Calendar that includes a complete plan of what to share on social media platforms. It includes all kind of content such as blogs, web content, images, articles, videos, links, gifs and more. Content development is then carried out as per the social content calendar.

Social Post Scheduling

The next step is Social Post Scheduling. Now that we have a complete plan as to what kind of content needs to be posted on various social media platforms, it also has to be scheduled. This is also mentioned in the Social Content Calendar. It is reviewed and checked for errors at regular time intervals.

Social Media Analytics & Reporting

In Social Media Marketing services, Analytics and Reporting play a pivotal role in the growth and development online as well as maintaining performance consistency of your brand on social media. We create reports that are well-blended with the most important social media optimization metrics.

How Our Social Media Marketing Strategy Impact Lead and Conversion

Increase Brand Awareness

As young brigade of millennial most of the time remain clinging over to the mobile phones or some other social medium. Being the most potential prospect of the consumer products on social mediums like Facebook and Twitter, it offers a perfect platform for your product and services to have a better reach and access among the consumers based upon their preferences and choices.

Increase Audience Loyalty

As already evident, the mass audience presence on social media required to be converted into the loyal customers is to be achieved by and through the specific customer campaign and activities. The brand centric campaign activities like contest, coupons and viral campaigns could be achieved and accessed out. This increases engagement level with a customer.


The most imperative and user friendly data for the purpose of analytics and further business proliferation is being attained by Feedback in social media marketing activities in Delhi. The feedback about a product or services is being attained by the medium of like, comments, share and other social media stats that help a website to grow and expand.

Base of Potential Customers

Another biggest advantage offered by a social media marketing in Delhi is an attainment of massive chunk of potential customers that in forms of friend lists, pages and group members remain exist on social media sites. What you are required to do is to attain just reach that contacts and begin pitching on social media marketing sites and develop an engagement level to convert them into a lead.

Customer Engagement

An inbound marketing initiative, Social Media Services in Delhi are concentrated more towards customer engagement in order to generate valuable business lead and conversion. Our social media campaigns are designed and customized to the get your customer remain interactive and attracted towards your product and services at large.

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